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                                                                                         It all began in 2001 - a concept developed, tried, and tested - by

                                                                              Pietro Caputo - owner and founder of Dreams of Italia. After several

                                                                              years of travel throughout North America, Europe, and especially Italy,

                                                                              Pietro saw that there was a better way to vacation. He also realized that

                                                                              the tour companies were charging exorbitant prices, but without an extra

                                                                              benefit to the traveler. After 15 years of planning trips for himself, friends

                                                                              and family, his knowledge and experience proved itself time and again.

                                                                              The result? Amazing trips, smooth and well planned, and the most

                                                                              amazing part of it all? Pietro was able to do it at almost half the cost of

                                                                              the tour companies and travel agencies, but while maintaining a very 

                                                                              high level of comfort. This was the hidden market that has now

                                                                              exploded with online lodging providers. Pietro saw this as an opportunity

                                                                              to help people achieve one of their items on their bucket list and make

                                                                              it easier to satisfy their lifelong dreams - their dreams of visiting Italia.











Ionian Sea
Amalfi Coast

" dreams of Italia

provides travel consulting emphasizing the best value through customized trips with quality accommodation, planning and service -

at almost half the cost of traditional touring companies and travel agencies."

Dreams of Italy Travel Ltd
Meet Pietro.....
Dreams Italia Travel Owner
Grimaldi Cosenza

Born to Italian immigrants from Calabria, Italy - Pietro grew up in the heart of Little Italy in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Having dual citizenship with Italy and Canada, Pietro spent years in Italy, living in Grimaldi, Cosenza - the town of his roots and where his extended family remain today. He also lived in Rome and traveled extensively throughout the amazing peninsula. 


An honors graduate from UND Aerospace in North Dakota majoring in air transport, Pietro has been a certified Commercial Pilot since 1992 with experience as a charter pilot and flight instructor. His training and education have brought him throughout Canada, USA, Italy, and the United Kingdom. He also has years of experience as a travel coordinator, agent, and supervisor along with a solid foundation in sales, customer service, and management. Pietro also speaks fluent Italian, and loves travelling regularly between Canada and his residence in Grimaldi, Calabria.


Pietro's mandate is to provide great service, friendly hospitality, and to improve on the quality of life for everyone he's able to serve. His passion and insight for Italy inspires all to experience "la dolce vita".  It is this desire to share Italy's culture and beauty that Dreams of Italia was spawned so that he could make everyone's dreams of Italy become a reality.

Grimaldi, Cosenza - Calabria - ITALY
Pietro (Peter) Caputo - Owner - Dreams of Italia Travel
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In a word - Awesome! Dreams of Italia created one of the best vacations I've ever had. Pietro's knowledge of the areas was amazing and the quality of the accomodation was tailored to my budget. I took a 19 day tour from Venice, Florence, Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, and Capri. Everything went perfectly and I can't wait to go on my next trip to southern Italy, Sicily, and Greece. I highly recommend using customized trips like this and the amount of money I saved was incredible.

I travelled from September 14th to October 3rd. I had compared the pricing to the other companies I had visited online as well as the tour groups at my regular travel agency and Pietro was able to top them all, including airline tickets, bullet trains, ferry transfers. Pietro even got me tickets to the museums in Florence and Venice. He was always professional, answered all my questions, and provided me with all the documentation, invoicing, and great tips on making this one of my greatest vacation experiences yet.


October, 2014  - C. Jansen - Edmonton, Alberta