Lodging Availability & Charges


Prices and room availability are not guaranteed until reservation is confirmed by supplier and known to Dreams of Italia at time of booking or until deposit is paid by client to confirm the reservation where required by the supplier. Depending on supplier, payment (either portion or in full) may be required at time of  booking process or when client arrives at supplier's property for check-in or after client has completed their full stay and is ready for check-out.  Also, in some major centers, Italy charges a tourism tax based on duration of stay that may be collected at time of booking, but is generally collected by supplier property during check-in and check-out. These prices may or may not be included in cost of reservation. In all cases, Dreams of Italia will inform and document these taxes on the Invoice and Itinerary.


Any charges to client from supplier, either before, during, or after client's stay is the full responsibility of client. Any extra charges incurred, be it through extra services renderred at property, damages, extra nights stayed, addition of guests or any/all charges as declared by supplier - are to be paid in full by client prior to arrival, during stay or upon checkout.


Any charges not paid by client shall not under any circumstances be transferred or

held liable to Dreams of Italia. Supplier reserves the right to apply these charges to

client's credit card that was used at time of booking. In the event of any dispute of

charges, this shall be dealt with between the supplier and client, outside of Dreams

of Italia's responsibility or liability.


Initial planning and/or reservations require possession of a valid credit card upon

check-in for security deposit in some cases. Client may pay entire vacation in full

using a valid credit card or via PayPal. A pre-authorization of client's credit card

may be required in some circumstances as required by some supplier's providing

lodging. Dreams of Italia will always inform client if this is the case and will illustrate,

in all cases, any and all transactions on the invoice.

                  Initial Planning Deposit and Currency

A deposit of  100.00 (300.00 for groups of 7 or more) in client's local currency and billing address - is required to begin vacation planning process. For clients living outside of Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and all countries within the European Union under the Euro - ALL Service Fees, including the initial planning deposit, will be charged in Canadian Dollars. Deposit will be deducted from Service Fee upon completion of planned itinerary. Please consult your local currency exchange rates at the time of purchase as these change constantly. For changes, cancellations, and refunds, see our the Cancellations and Changes policies herein.










Italy Guided Tour
Italy Guided Tour

       Service        Policies,  


   terms     &      Conditions


With due exception to supplier cancellation and refund policies, clients may cancel their trip anytime through Dreams of Italia. However, those supplier properties that charge a cancellation fee, the supplier terms and conditions and respective charges take precedence over Dreams of Italia policies.  Any charges incurred due to client cancelling a reservation, in whole or in part of their vacation, is to be paid by the client. In every case, Dreams of Italia will not be liable for any charges by our suppliers for any cancellations or changes to the client's reservation. In every case where the supplier does charge a fee for changes or cancellations, Dreams of Italia will inform the client of those specific terms and conditions prior to booking as much as reasonably possible. In the case where a supplier has changed its price on a room that was outside of our knowledge, Dreams of Italia will not be held liable for additional costs.
















Dreams of Italia:  Service Fees - Charges & Method of Payment


All Service Fees are due upon receipt of Dreams of Italia invoice and may be paid with a major credit card or through PayPal on Invoice via email. If Service Fees are not received within 24 hours of due date upon Invoice receipt, the initial planning deposit will be forfeit and non-refundable and all pending reservations and bookings will be considered cancelled under our

Cancellations Policy terms and conditions listed herein.  In every case, the client will

be subject to the supplier's cancellation policy and/or the supplier's terms and

conditions pertaining to cancellations or changes charges to reservations in any

circumstance, whether it's for lodging, transfers (specifically trains, bullet trains,

ferries, hydrofoil, trams, buses, light rail, and where applicable, air transport via

charter, major and regional airline carriers), and all subsequent fees or charges

incurred. Any fees charged by any suppliers during client's entire duration of stay are

outside the financial responsibility of Dreams of Italia and shall be paid by the client.







Italy Cheap Tickets
Italy Cheap Tickets
Cancellation, Changes Fees & Refund Policy
Italy Best Prices

  In the case where a  supplier has cancellation terms and conditions, the client  shall adhere to them and shall take precedence. Dreams of Italia will try to always inform the client of any changes or cancellations and related charges pertaining to their itinerary. Those suppliers that allow payment upon check-in at their property shall be paid consistent with their terms and conditions. Any charges to the client within those cancellation or changes terms and conditions are the responsibility of the client only and are not liable nor chargeable to Dreams of Italia in every case.


Note: In the interest of providing excellent customer service, Dreams of Italia will select the majority of properties whereby the supplier will permit payment either at check-in or check-out, wherever applicable.


*  Cancellations received by Dreams of Italia, either by phone or

    email from the client, no sooner than 14 days prior to arrival in Italy

    and for itineraries designed for 3 guests or less, shall receive a

    refund for the total Service Fee amount, less $100 initial

    planning deposit.



*  Cancellations received by Dreams of Italia, either by phone or

    email, no sooner than 14 days prior to arrival in Italy, and for

    itineraries designed for 4  to 6 guests, shall receive a refund for

    50% of the Service Fee amount, less $100 initial planning deposit

*  Cancellations received by Dreams of Italia, either by phone or email, for itineraries designed for 7 or more guests, the client(s) will not be provided with a refund of the Service Fee. The initial planning deposit of 300.00 is non-refundable.


*  In all cases and circumstances of Cancellations, if client's notification to cancel their reservation(s), received by phone or email, occurs at 13 days or less prior to arrival at first destination in Italy, Dreams of Italia will not provide a refund. Therefore, the total amount of Service Fee, including the initial planning deposit, is forfeit by client.

Dreams of Italia will not be liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, death, dismemberment, accidents, incidents, delays or loss of enjoyment, of any nature or kind whatsoever, to you or your travelling companions or other group members resulting from events beyond our or a supplier's reasonable control. This would include, but not be limited to, acts of God, strikes, lockouts or other labour disputes or disruptions, wars, blockades, insurrections, riots, earthquakes, weather conditions, snow conditions, lift closures, road closures, floods, or acts or restraints imposed by government authorities.


Dreams of Italia reserves the right to transfer clients to an equivalent accommodation at its discretion, or if the reserved property becomes unavailable, therefore we cannot guarantee specific unit availability at all times. In all cases, Dreams of Italia will provide prior notification to clients, but in some instances may not be possible beyond our control or knowledge. The availability of certain properties may change after booking due to circumstances out of our control.


Force Majeure

Changes to dates of reservations will only be possible whenever a replacement supplier is available for requested dates of client. This may involve either an upgrade or downgrade. All changes to dates on the itinerary must be made within 14 days of departure to Italy. Due to high workload and occupancy rates, Dreams of Italia will charge a $10.00 fee for each change portion (change of supplier property at each destination).


Any charges incurred by suppliers due to changes are to be paid by the client and Dreams of Italia will not be liable for supplier's fees. Any requests for changes by the client, either by phone or email, within 13 days or less of departure will not be provided.

Italy Best Prices
Italy Holiday

Any supplier charges due to loss of travel capability or restraint from border patrols,

airport security, local police, or any other authorities that may prevent completion of

vacation, will not be liable to Dreams of Italia. For clients possessing active warrants

or criminal records that prevent them from travelling to certain countries should

consult with their local governments and judicial authorities to determine if they can

travel to Italy.


Any charges incurred from suppliers due to interruption or cancellation of client's

vacation is to be paid by client. In the case of client being deemed responsible for

group travel whereby multipile persons are paying for trip costs, those persons within

group (as specified on travel itinerary and provided by client) shall be responsible for

any additional portion charges of vacation in absense of restrained/unavailable client

or in the case of cancellation, those group persons shall be responsible for any and all

charges pertaining to cancellation of entire trip. In every case or circumstance, Dreams of Italia will not be held liable for any said charges listed herein the Force Majeur section.

Italy Weather

  In the event a reserved room at a supplier's property loses a benefit before during the client's stay (such as wifi, air conditioning, or any other amenity on the property as requested by client, Dreams of Italia will not be held liable for those losses that are outside of the supplier's reasonable control, regardless of whether Dreams of Italia has knowledge of these losses or not. Requests for a refund or portion of refund for charges incurred will be disputed and/or resolved between the client and supplier. Wherever and whenever possible, Dreams of Italia will inform the client when such losses occur and attempt to make other arrangements, if requested by client, wherever possible. In every case, Dreams of Italia will not be liable nor provide a compensatory reimbursement or refund as this is outside of Dreams of Italia control. Dreams of Italia recommends all of its clients purchase cancellation and/or travel insurance whenever travelling significant distances from home.