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An Italy custom vacation focuses on Italy's most satisfying aspects  while matching  your interests, passions, and the occasion.  It's your trip and that's why we want to help you do it right. Whether your trip is  for business, pleasure, celebrations or exploration, we spoil you Italian style and provide the flexibility you need. Molto bene.

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Saving you over 50% versus traditional tours

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What sets Dreams of Italia apart? Our custom Italy vacations are tailored to you, BUT they also save you thousands of dollars. How? Imagine staying in a decadent room with an ocean view, but paying only a fraction of the price?  Compare us to traditional tour groups, we spoil you while you save money.  Here's a sample. The savings will surprise you. 

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We prepare everything for you. 24/7 support.
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Your Italy specialist will book your accommodations, confirm all of  your reservations and transfers, and arrange for  your attractions passes so you can avoid the lines and fully enjoy your time there.  Our digital itinerary works with your mobile, iPad, or laptop. With 24/7 support, we are there for you day or night. You wouldn't want it any other way.

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